BARRIE -- City officials are now exploring a new permanent measure to stop drivers from speeding throughout residential neighbourhoods.

Earlier this month, the city installed two-speed bumps on Consort Drive in the city's south end. They're made of asphalt and cost about $4,000 apiece.

Ward 10 councillor, Mike McCann says the new measures are a trial run and believes there are many benefits to a more permanent solution.

"I think the life expectancy is well over a couple decades," says McCann adding the speed bumps are more cost effective and last all year round, "and if successful, which we believe it's going to be, then we're going to be installing them throughout the city."

For quite some time, the City of Barrie has been exploring ways to put the brakes on drivers speeding through residential neighbourhoods. These include the new police silhouette cut out introduced this past summer and temporary speed cushions the city installs during the warmer months.

"The speed cushions, if you go over it at a certain speed, your shocks will actually go over it quite fast, trucks do not mind the speed cushions,” says McCann who adds the new permanent measures will force all vehicles to slow down.

Throughout the duration of the trial, city officials will closely monitor the area and re-evaluate at the end of the season.

"Staff is going to physically be on-site, and we're going to be able to have radar guns to see what the speed is like, what the flow is like, and just do some monitoring."