We are learning more about the young family involved in a tragic crash between a cement truck and an SUV on Tottenham Road. 

Jess Prothero was 30 meters away from the crash and was one of the first people to offer help.

"The closer I got all I could here was the woman screaming my baby isn't breathing," Prothero remembers.

He and his friend Chris Healey got to the crash as soon as they could.

“I got into the passenger side trying the get the little girl out just as I was trying to get the girl out Chris Healey leaned over and I said ‘do you know CPR? I don't… because she's definitely not breathing.’ So we got her out and on the ground and he saved her life for sure right there.” 

The girl and her mother were both airlifted in serious condition to hospital.

The mother has been treated and released but the six-year-old girl remains in critical condition.

26-year-old Michael Lalonde from Hamilton died in the crash. 

The driver of the SUV, who is a family friend, was treated and released from hospital.

The driver of the cement truck was not injured.

Witnesses say the SUV was slowing down to turn into a driveway when the fully-loaded cement truck rear-ended it.  

Police are still investigating what happened.

OPP say speed and distracted driving have caused more than 95 deaths this year and they are trying to get the message out this long weekend for drivers to take care and slow down on major highways and side roads.

Jess Prothero has one message he hopes people will take away from this terrible accident.   

“Tell people to slow down. Life is too important. You see it on the news every day and on the road. I am driving around all the time with what I do for a living, and people seem to think they are indestructible.”