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'Chaotic scene of disrespect,' Hundreds attend unsanctioned truck rally in Barrie

Police in Barrie say another unsanctioned truck rally held in the city's north end over the weekend drew hundreds of participants and onlookers in a "chaotic scene of disrespect and total disregard for private property."

The rally Saturday saw upwards of 500 people and 150 trucks assemble in the Georgian Mall parking lot near the former Sears store.

Police say trucks performed brake stands, burnouts, and peel-outs, creating large plumes of smoke as burning rubber filled the air and left visible marks on the parking lot surface.

Officers charged drivers leaving the area on Bayfield Street with various infractions, including unnecessary noise and not having a muffler, contrary to the Highway Traffic Act.

Police say during the night, onlookers climbed onto nearby construction equipment and the mall's roof.

The unauthorized rally ended shortly after midnight.

Police say no one was injured, but "the careless actions of many involved could have resulted in serious injuries," adding officers say several dirt bikes were being driven without helmets.

Last month, a truck rally held in the Canadian Tire parking lot on Bayfield Street resulted in nearly 30 charges and one truck being towed to the impound yard after the driver was slapped with a 30-day licence suspension for stunt driving. Top Stories

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