SickKids Hospital is getting a boost today as celebrities head to Muskoka this weekend for a special fundraiser.

The stars teamed with up with little ones for a scavenger hunt on the water.

The second-annual Boat Rally for Kids with Cancer welcomed celebrity navigators with a song. And NHL superstar P.K. Subban says the kids and the fun keep him coming back.

“It's my second year here and I have plans to come back every year,” he says.

Subban and others dressed up and participated in events and scavenger hunts across lakes in Muskoka in an attempt to raise money for cancer care at SickKids.

“We hope we can raise more than $600,000 today with contributions and an auction tonight,” says SickKids president and CEO Ted Garrard.

On average, 1,400 kids a year are diagnosed with cancer and the Hospital for Sick Children helps about 25 per cent of them. Lisa Williams’ daughter Courtney is one of them.

“SickKids was just an amazing environment to be in,” she says. “We're just happy we had the chance to be there.”

Courtney says SickKids helps, even after the fight has been won.

“Be positive,” says the young cancer survivor. “Just think and smile and be happy. Love life, because life is too short not to smile.”

Olivia, who is 13, agrees. As a cancer survivor herself, she mentors others battling the disease.

“It means a lot just to think I'm so young and people look at me as a role model,” she says.

And while Jayden's battle with cancer continues, so does her wish “for someone to find a cure for cancer.”

Subban says he'll be there with the kids to help them win that battle.

“It's really all for the kids,” he says, “and that's the fulfillment you want in life and to know that when you go you've helped a lot of people along the way.”

The next big SickKids event is the Great Camp Adventure Walk on Sept. 27.Celebrity navigators include Montreal Canadians player P.K. Subban, Home Alone actress Catherine O’Hara, actor Harry Hamlin, actor Billy Baldwin, NHL Stanley Cup champion Marty McSorely, and many more.


The event’s website has a full list.