Bears love honey, that smooth, sticky, golden treat that Winnie-The-Pooh was always giddy over.

So it’s no surprise that a black bear got into some at a local bee company, but what is surprising, according to the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry (MNRF) is that the culprit made repeat visits.

“Pretty crazy, never ever thought we would have had a bear here,” said The Heritage Bee Co.’s co-owner Debbie Gray.

The bee company is located south of Base Borden in Mulmur Township.

Night surveillance video shows a black bear rummaging through boxes of honey flats before making off with the liquid gold, and doing some damage in his travels.

“We’ve lost a lot of beekeeping equipment, honey frames, and half our heritage chicken flock,” said Gray.

The MNRF took the step of installing a bear trap loaded with honey, marshmallows and vanilla extract.  They say if they catch the furry felon they will relocate him to a new home much further north.

It’s believed they are dealing with a juvenile male and the ministry says there's no way to know if the bear will return, and notes it’s getting close to the time that bears go into hibernation.

Meanwhile, the beekeepers have taken the ministry’s advice and put up an electric fence around what’s left of the honey to keep the bear out.