BARRIE -- Canadian cannabis company, Hello Cannabis, has announced two new retail locations in Ontario and both are located in Muskoka.

Muskoka-born entrepreneurs Danielle Morgan and husband Shane Copegog admit there have been some pandemic related building and permit delays, but say the business plan made sense.

"Really, it was proximity," says Morgan.

"Gravenhurst is kind of the gateway to Muskoka; you enter it as you come in. Then on the other side, being in Huntsville, and that proximity on that end if Muskoka was really important for us too; it's great access to highway 60 and Algonquin."

Right beside the Gravenhurst location is Wild Wing Restaurant, whose manager sees the new store as a good thing.

"Especially in this part of Gravenhurst because we are at the end of Gravenhurst," says Alphonso.

"There's not a lot of traffic that really comes out this way because there isn't public transit."

The company says providing cannabis to residents is the company's top priority for the company, but it also plans to help residents find work.

"We are certainly hiring all locals, and I would say about 80 percent of our trades and supplies are coming from the local Muskoka, says Morgan.

If all goes according to plan, both stores expect to open sometime around September, early October, with both anticipating to carry a variety of products.

"The industry is always changing and evolving," says Morgan.

"So we will have flour, and then the vapour pens the edibles and hopefully a whole line of CBDs."