INNISFIL, ONT. -- Staff members with the town of Innisfil are taking on new roles to help wherever possible these days.

"At this point, bylaw can use a few extra hands, so we have had staff members who've voluntarily been redeployed to park ambassadors," explains Mayor Lynn Dollin.

Those ambassadors have upgraded to bylaw officers.

The mayor says they are being trained on various things, like how to write parking tickets, so they will be available to help out without putting a financial strain on the town.

The main focus will be on educating the public on the new rules and regulations, but tickets will be issued.

"The more delivering the message, the more people will receive the message," says bylaw officer Barrie Vickers.

The bylaw officers will monitor beaches and parking lots, which are designated for permit parking only.

All side streets within a one-kilometre radius of the beach are no parking zones.

Mayor Dollin says the beach will be open on Saturday, possibly even earlier.