BARRIE, ONT. -- As part of its summer construction season, crews in Barrie are working to rejuvenate Bell Farm Road.

The project, which is one of many happening throughout the coming months, officially began Monday morning.

"I came to work, and it said road closure," said Jim O'Hara, the store manager of his family's business, Antrim Flooring, which is located on Bell Farm Rd. between Alliance Street east and west.

According to the city, this portion of the road will be blocked to traffic from May 17 to October 1.

The road closure isn't the only thing confusing customers looking to pick up items. A detour sign showing where to go to access Antrim Flooring was initially pointed the wrong way.

"It's confusing for people. They show up and see road closed, and they get directed a different way," said O'Hara. "I don't know how many customers it's going affect."

After CTV News spoke to the city, the sign was changed to point in the correct direction.

The project to revitalize the area will include several additions to modernize it, including:

  • road widening to three lanes
  • adding bike lanes
  • adding crosswalks
  • main water replacement
  • storm sewer and transit infrastructure improvements
  • asphalt resurfacing of Alliance Road.

The city says the entire project will be completed by Fall 2022.