18-year-old Justin Salvanera from Bradford is facing multiple child pornography charges including possession, luring, and extortion.

Police say he used social media to prey on young teenagers around the world.

The luring took place on a social media site, where Salvanera used the alias “Frida Barbosa.”

He had accounts on Youtube, Twitter, Facebook and Vine.

“He impersonated a young female and he asked for photographs of young males in exchange for pictures of this young female,” said South Simcoe Police Constable Rich Williamson. “Once he had those photographs he extorted more photographs by suggesting he was going to send them to friends of theirs. In order to save that embarrassment, the victims offered more pictures”.

South Simcoe Police say they were given a tip by another police force outside of Canada.

Police say they are looking through evidence to find more victims, and police say they already have found victims in several different countries.

Const. Williamson says, “We think there may be as many as 11 across the world,”

The victims range in age from 13 to 17 years old.

Police seized a number of items including a computer when they arrested Salvanera at his parents’ house.