A retired Bradford man has made it his mission to clean up his community and give back at the same time.

Albert Wierenga loves to walk. After retiring in 2012, he started walking the country roads in Bradford West Gwillimbury and picking up garbage and recycling from the side of the road along his way.

It's since become part of the 71-year-old's weekly routine.

"You leave this place better than you found it," he says. "To me, at this age, having two kids and a grandchild, that's very much it."

Wierenga cashes-in the recyclables he gathers, plus any beer cans, and donates the money to local charities. He recently gave $400 to the War Amps from discarded cans.

He says it's his way of helping others, grateful for the help he received after suffering a near-fatal brain injury seven years ago.

"Did some damage, but all is good because here I am walking upright, all good."