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Bracebridge resort convicted of shoreline dredging without permit

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A Bracebridge resort has been convicted of violating Ontario's Public Lands Act, receiving upwards of $180,000 in fines.

From May 2018 to July 2019, High Falls Resort improperly dredged and filled the shoreline of its property with several loads of sand to create a beach for its guests. The resort's president received a stop-work order in 2018 but continued anyway.

The province said the beach washed away when water levels rose in the spring.

The resort has since been convicted of three counts of filling shorelands without a permit, one count of dredging shorelands without a permit and one count of disobeying a stop-work order.

High Falls Resort was fined $140,000, while its president was fined $40,000. Additional surcharges were added on that amounted to $45,000.

In addition to the fines, the company and its president were issued probation orders prohibiting continued unauthorized shoreline work.

The resort had previously been convicted for unlawfully filling shorelands in 2011. Top Stories

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