New doctors may soon be in Bracebridge thanks a new medical centre.

The Bracebridge Medical Arts Centre, an 11,000 square foot facility, offers five on staff physicians and a nurse practitioner. The facility has room for two more new doctors.

“This facility is giving us a chance to actually recruit up to three new physicians that we didn't have previously,” says Dr. Kenneth Hotson. “It gives us the potential for quicker turnaround times, faster results, which will directly translate into better patient care.”

The centre already has 7,500 patients, with room to take on another 3,000 as more doctors come onboard. The health benefits are obvious, as are the benefits to the local economy.

“It helps us with our quality of life. So promoting the community to new investors and new people interested in locating to Bracebridge,” says Randy Mattice, a spokesperson for the Town of Bracebridge. 11:42

Dr. Hotson says the centre is a dream fulfilled, even if he had to finance the dream to make it happen.

“A part from financing it privately, this wasn't going to happen, so it had to be done.”

The centre is now open and seeing patients. Construction is expected to wrap up sometime next week with opening of the centre's new physiotherapy clinic.