Two beaches in cottage country reopened on Saturday, five weeks after a threatening letter was sent to local media outlets.

Nails, sewing needles, and pieces of glass at Kirby’s Beach and Bracebridge Bay Park, but officials in Bracebridge now say their beaches are clean, safe, and open for everyone to use and enjoy.

On Saturday, crews thoroughly combed through the sand at Muskoka Falls Beach, finding no threat to public safety.

“Someone’s carelessness, thoughtlessness, or deliberately stupid act caused this,” Bracebridge Mayor Graydon Smith told CTV News.

Barriers were also removed at Bracebridge’s two bigger beaches, giving families an opportunity to return to building sandcastles and dipping their toes in the water.

“I think that’s very, very good for them to take the precaution, and now let us come and enjoy this beautiful beach and the weather,” Rukmani Naidu, says while basking in the sunshine.

Local residents say they just hope this wasn’t done purposely by locals.

“We’re welcoming, we love the tourists, we need the tourists,” Iris Braybrook says.

“It’s more than selfie. Funny thing is, if it’s someone from the area who wants to keep people away from their properties, that would be even worse because you’re damaging your own area,” tourist Ron Dubue says.

Fifteen minutes south in Gravenhurst, Gull Lake Beach remains blocked off, and residents are curious about what’s going on.

There’s no timetable for Gull Lake Beach to reopen, but town officials say they’ll be working closely with the Ontario Provincial Police to determine how those sharp objects made their way onto the beach.

They’re also investigating whether the needles and shards of glass were placed in the water and on the shores deliberately.