Roads are closed. Businesses, schools, and government offices have been shut down.

Blizzard conditions and extreme cold have swept across the entire region, throwing many communities into a standstill.  

Muskoka was one area slammed by snow squalls and high winds today, and in Gravenhurst total white-outs covered Highway 11.

At times it was downright dangerous to be on the roads. And drivers knew it.

“I'm on my way home now,” says motorist Lisa Cumber.

She was sharing the road with several transport trucks and vehicles that could be seen stuck in ditches with visibility near nil.

It was so bad, some people didn’t even take to the roads.

“I parked my car and walked today. It's that bad,” says Andrew Brown.

But even walking around wasn't easy. The snow hasn't let up and there's been no break from the bitter cold. People are looking for a place to get away from it.

And there has been so much snow and cold this season many people say they have had enough.

“I want a break from all this,” says Gravenhurst resident Daniel Babcock.

To make matters worse the power went out in Bracebridge today. That slowed traffic down even more. The loss of power was the last straw for many downtown businesses that decided to close up for the day. In Gravenhurst, meanwhile, the biggest issue has been the cold and wind. It's been like a ghost town today and business has been slow.

Snow clearing crews have been working around the clock and the mayor of Bracebridge says they will continue rotating until the job is done

In Gravenhurst now it's clear many people are taking the advice of police to stay off the roads. It's been a tough day throughout Muskoka for everyone and we’re not done with the cold and strong winds yet.

There is some good news tonight for people in Bracebridge, however. Everyone is back online after today's power outage.