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Blinding squalls continue to hammer the region

Blinding whiteouts are wreaking havoc on area roads.

What was once isolated snow squall warnings have now covered the entire region.

Fifteen to 25 centimetres are expected to hammer south-central Ontario through this evening, according to Environment Canada.

Even once the snow stops, the weather agency says winds will be gusting up to 70 km/h, which can cause zero visibility.

Traffic has been snarled throughout the region.

Extreme cold warnings remain in effect throughout much of the province. Those are expected to remain through Saturday when some reprieve from the deep cold is expected.

Earlier Friday, more than a dozen vehicles were involved in a pileup in the southbound lanes of Highway 400 at Mapleview Drive.

Huronia West OPP has many local roads closed, including Highway 26 from Horseshoe Valley Road through Stayner.

Clearview township has cancelled Winterama events for Friday night. Top Stories

CBC says it is cutting 600 jobs, some programming as it slashes budget

The Canadian Broadcasting Corp. and Radio-Canada will eliminate about 600 jobs and not fill an additional 200 vacancies. The cuts at CBC come days after the Liberal government suggested it may cap the amount of money CBC and Radio-Canada could get under a $100 million deal Ottawa recently signed with Google.

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