KESWICK -- Canadian Buffalo Bills fans have been sidelined from watching games across the border, but a family in Keswick has found a unique way to cheer for the Bills from afar.

"If it weren't for copyright reasons, I'd call it Buffalo Stadium North," said Blake Parnham.

The Parnham family has been season ticket holders for the Buffalo Bills for two decades, but this year due to the pandemic, they cannot watch the games in person like usual.

This year, they had an idea to repurpose a unique part of their memorabilia.

"And here we are, 25 years later, and true to form. It's a bar," laughed Rick Parnham.

Their infamous twelve-foot Buffalo Bills helmet used to be on top of Georgian Mall in Barrie, but for the past 25 years, it's been a part of Rick Parnham's family.

"My dad laid the helmet down, enclosing the sandbox and keeping me in it," remembers Rick's son, Blake, who grew up with the helmet. Blake says he and his brother were born Bills fans, having played in the unique sandbox since they were two.

As they outgrew the sandbox, the helmet was repurposed into a storage space at the property's back.

Now, it's taking over social media in its current form - a bar - attracting fans from all over the world, even gaining attention from the Bills themselves.

"The bills reached out and said 'hey, when can we come by for beer,' and since then, they've been following us," said Rick.

The Bills helmet can be found on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook @billshelmetbar, and if you're interested in grabbing a seat for an upcoming game, all you have to do is send them a message.