For two years now, Naomi Leichner has been suffering debilitating pain in her back and groin.

The pain started after surgeons used a mesh plug to repair the hernia in her groin. It’s that mesh which several doctors have told Leichner is the source of her pain and multiple infections.

“Since January it's gotten worse to the point where I’m literally incapacitated some days. I can't get out of bed, I can't walk,” she says.

Removing the mesh isn't an option because of its proximity to her femoral artery. Leichner says doctors have told her that could be fatal.

"Every day you feel like crying. There's no way to even understand when someone says ‘I can't help you.’"

Leichner, who is now unable to work and help support her family, is part of a class-action lawsuit against Bard – the manufacture of the medium PerFix plug.

"We allege that Bard in respect to certain models of their mesh have not done the proper testing, have not been given very good designs and they are not passing on the warnings of the risks in using these mesh to doctors and ultimately patients," says lawyer Matthew Baer.

Leichner says she was never made aware of any potential risks associated with the mesh and is demanding more awareness and accountability.

"I hope going forward the doctors can tell their patients all of the side effects that can occur with using mesh."

In the meantime, she continues to be assessed by doctors who are looking for options to ease her pain.

CTV Barrie did reach out to Bard for comment, but so far our request has gone unanswered.