BARRIE -- Barrie's downtown bus terminal has re-opened after being shut down since March due to the pandemic as the city adds more safety measures to its fleet.

As of Monday, people can officially walk into the building, but Supervisor of Transit Operations and Infrastructure, Jason Zimmerman, says there are a few more changes on the way for transit riders.

"Our residents can use the washrooms, interact with the ticket sales office again, and the capacities are being monitored," says Zimmerman.

Like many industries, the pandemic has brought about many changes to local transit. Starting this month, riders will have to wear masks when on board.

"We are wanting riders to bring their own masks, but the city will have a supply that will be supplied to riders who do show up without a mask," says Zimmerman.

The city also plans to install blue, transparent plexiglass around the drivers by mid-July. Once it's installed, riders will be again able to enter only at the front of the bus and exit at the rear.

Barrie Transit will continue blocking off every other seat. Once the changes are implemented, Barrie Mayor Jeff Lehman, says the city will begin collecting fares again.

"As things start to come back, we're going to have to make choices at different times about city fees and services where we've offered deferrals or made it free for a while, and we also face a stark fiscal reality."

"We're trying to do everything we can to keep everybody safe, keep our bus operators safe and keep the service running," says Zimmerman.