Yachiyo of Ontario Manufacturing workers will get to keep their jobs.

A private Canadian company is buying Barrie’s Yachiyo of Ontario Manufacturing, the company announced Friday. Matcor-Matsu Group, a Canada-based company, is taking ownership of YOM on June 27 and says all YOM workers will have the opportunity to continue their employment with no change in wages. Matcor-Matsu is expected to offer workers benefits comparable to the ones they already have.

In a news release, Rob Priest, Vice President of YOM, said, “Despite the directional change in Yachiyo, we have been given a unique opportunity and are fortunate to be joining an outstanding Canadian based corporation.”

In the news release, YOM said the recent uncertainty has been tough on workers. YOM has been in business for more than 25 years and employs 350 workers. Matcor-Matsu, founded in Mississauga in 1991, employs 4,200 workers though 16 facilities across North America.