Barrie musicians headed to the ‘Rock Lottery’ event on Saturday to meet their new temporary bandmates and rock out.

“We get usually 25-30 people that come down and form five new bands,” said organizer Caitlyn McCann. “Names are drawn out of a hat randomly and then we spend the day writing music and jamming and we come back and play a concert at night."

The event is in its 5th year and musicians say it’s a great way to be introduced to other artists.

“They seem like a reasonable group of fellas,” said drummer Corey McCann after meeting his new band members. “I just met them today and I'm stoked."

Bands are tasked with writing four or five original songs and aren’t allowed playing with anyone they’ve rehearsed with before.

“We get set up and we get our sound as fast as we possibly can,” said musician Matthew Davey. “And then we look at each other and try to have something out right away. We find out where the vibes are coming from and then we go from there."

The show, which is held at the Fox, is free and helps artists who love to play.

As The Fox owner Shane Heath puts it, “It takes people out of their comfort zones.”