Barrie residents can now keep track of city snow plows and sanders.

The City of Barrie has launched a web-based app to give residents a better look at where plows are, and when roads were last cleared. The service is called The Barrie Plow Tracker.

“It’s going to assist our customer service centre. The largest volume of our calls is based on ‘I haven’t seen a plow. The plows aren’t out. Where are the plows? How come you’re not out on the roads?’ says Dave Friary, director of roads, parks and fleet.

If a road is green it means a plow has been there in the last four hours, a yellow road means it was cleared in the last four to eight hours, a pink road is eight to 16 hours and a grey road is more than 16 hours.

A look at the map on Tuesday afternoon shows several streets either pink or grey.

 “This can just show the public that yes we’re out there, we’re going to get to your street as soon as possible and we’re out there trying to fight the storm.”

Friary says this system has been used internally for years. It uses GPS to track plows around the city.

You can check out the app by clicking here.