Police swarmed a home in the city’s north end on Friday afternoon and made an arrest after a Barrie man allegedly pointed what appeared to be a handgun at a driver.

According to Barrie police, a man got into an argument with the 27-year-old driver in the area of Golfdale Road and Glenwood Drive. Police say during this dispute, the accused pointed what appeared to be a handgun at the victim.

A woman who only wanted to be identified as the victim’s mother told CTV News, “One of the guys put a gun to my son's head. While I was on the phone with police, they jumped in the Hummer and took off."

Officers responded to the area and were able to locate the accused a short distance away at a home on Golfdale Road.

"I just saw SWAT run across the front here, was telling, yelling at everyone to get back into their house,” says witness Erin Maddison. “Like I said, they surrounded the house; there was a great big bang. I saw some smoke go up into the air, then no one came out.”

The 23-year-old was found inside the home, where he was arrested for pointing a firearm. Police say they later searched the home and found two replica guns, a small amount of cash and drugs.

The accused is charged with weapons dangerous and possession of a controlled substance. He has been released from custody and will appear before a court next month.

Investigators are asking anyone with information about the incident to contact them or Crime Stoppers.