BARRIE -- Barrie Mayor Jeff Lehman issues a warning to residents to be wary of a new text scam.

In a social media video posted on Thursday, the mayor says, "These are scams, they are not real. Please only use trusted sources, and those are Service Canada and CRA."

Lehman says the text scam claims to offer Canada Benefits to people during the COVID-19 crisis. "Unfortunately, some people are trying to prey on people under the circumstances, which is just brutal," he adds.

The mayor also addresses garbage collection and the possibility of allowing residents to put out more bags during self-isolation, saying those details are being discussed with city council.

Lehman signs off his Twitter message reminding residents to maintain physical distancing. "You will probably get an automated phone call today. We are trying all channels, all radio stations [inaudible] to push out that message of physical distancing."