BARRIE -- Just two months ago, Rene Segura was fighting for his life in the hospital.

The 41-year-old tested positive for COVID-19 and spent two weeks on life support in the Royal Victoria Regional Health Centre's ICU in Barrie.

And while his wife, Tracy, couldn't be right by his side in the hospital as he battled a terrifying virus, she never gave up hope that he would come home.

Segura left the ICU at the end of March, and now that he's fully recovered from his near-death experience, the pair are working to recuperate their small Barrie business.

The couple says they are happy to be back behind the counter of their Big Bay Point Road coffee shop, Creative Bean Café, focusing on their customers, even if life hasn't entirely gone back to normal.

They both credit community support through it all, saying their customers inspired them to return to work.

"We're open for business, and anybody's welcome," Segura beams.

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"What they've been through, it's crazy," says customer Izabella Ramoo. "Oh my goodness, We're really happy to be able to do this for them."

The duo has had to amend business slightly, with new hours, a smaller menu and by taking orders online or over the phone, but they are determined to keep their business afloat.

"Right now, it's difficult, but I have to keep faith and hope and know that tomorrow is a new day and tomorrow, there will be something out there to help us," says Tracy.

Segura says that having survived COVID-19 and with the support of his wife, who he calls his rock, he has all the confidence he needs to succeed.

"We'll be back stronger than ever, just as I came out. My best friend is beside me, and we'll do it together."