BARRIE -- On Monday, Barrie city council is expected to honour and recognize Food Bank Executive Director, Peter Sundborg

Sundborg has been the Executive Director for ten years and is retiring from the role this week. When Sundborg started working at the food bank in 2011, the organization was raising 500,000 pounds of food annually. Sundborg has since increased that to one million pounds of food raised per year.

"For me, it's just been an honour to serve, and my whole purpose in life is to serve others, and what an opportunity I've had in the last ten years to do that," Sundborg said on Sunday.

At Monday's council meeting, councillors will thank Sundborg for his decade-long community work.

"To be able to share with people, to be able to serve individuals as they come through the food bank, I'm honoured that city council would think I'm worthy of recognition."

Sundborg says he is looking forward to retirement but is also quite sad to leave the organization and community.