There are security screening measures in place when you enter the Barrie courthouse – and today they were even tougher.

Officers say they are both shocked and devastated by this morning’s shooting of a Peel Regional Police officer at Brampton’s courthouse.

After news of the shooting reached staff at the Barrie courthouse, security was stepped up.

“It's devastating. You get a sick reaction to your stomach,” says Barrie police Det. Sarah Bamford.

When she found out former Peel Regional Police colleague Const. Mike Klarenbeek was shot this morning at the Brampton courthouse, she wanted to reach out to fellow officers.

“Despite whatever service you’re with in Ontario, it affects you,” she says. “Your reaction is how the family is dealing with it and if there is anything immediate you can do to support our brothers and sisters out there.”

Klarenbeek was providing security at the courthouse this morning when a man walked in and opened fire. The gunman was then shot by police and later died. A 30-year veteran with the force, Klarenbeek is listed in stable condition. 

“We all work in the same line of work and feel like that can happen anywhere and are sadden by the news,” says Sgt. Rose Richter with security at the Barrie courthouse.

In charge of security, Richter says security measures were stepped up following this morning’s shooting. Staff and lawyers who typically use a separate entrance had to use the courthouse’s main entrance and go through court security, which includes a metal detector and x-ray machine.

“Our special constables were on high alert,” she says. “Extra vigilance was used today when people were screened coming through our building.”

Those security measures were added to the Barrie courthouse three years ago following a directive from the province to improve security.

“The reason we have those security measures here is because of what happened in the past. The measure we have in place will hopefully prevent any weapons from coming in the courthouse,” says Richter.

Barrie police say in the past three years there haven’t been any incidents at the court house.

While security has been a concern, procedures are reviewed every year. Police say they will be reviewing the heightened security measures on Monday.