BARRIE, ONT. -- Ordering dinner from Barrie's restaurants and cafes could soon come with an unexpected side dish.

Councillor Gary Harvey is proposing a parking ticket forgiveness program for anyone who orders takeout and delivery in the city.

The program would see tickets expunged for residents who can show receipts for a Barrie eatery equal to or above the amount they were fined within five days.

While Harvey initially envisioned the program for Barrie residents only, he is suggesting forgiveness for visitors too.

The pitch will be put to a vote at a meeting of city council Monday night.

"We've seen on the news and on social media from a lot of our local business that they're struggling, Harvey told CTV News Sunday.

"Hopefully, this will...inject some additional revenue into our local restaurant industry."

Harvey suggests running the program through mid-May, when the provincial stay-at-home order is scheduled to expire but is open to the idea of extending it.

The councillor expects the city would lose about $20,000 in parking revenue, but Harvey would be happy to see that cash funnelled to local eateries instead.