BARRIE, ONT. -- A Barrie group focussed on the environment is bringing its latest goals to Monday night's council meeting.

Living Green Barrie has its top 10 goals that it would like to see people across the city work towards, arguing tackling climate change isn't a government problem but a collective issue. The goals are based on actions similar groups are taking but have been targeted towards Barrie.

"I saw these recurring themes that are happening all across all the different organizations, and then I thought how do those themes apply specifically here to Barrie," said Living Green Barrie's Andee Pelan. "So we developed our actions based on those and based on specifically what we can do here in Barrie just to make it a better place."

The goals include focusing on seeking more eco-friendly transportation options, such as carpooling when possible and switching to electric vehicles.

The group is also hoping many across the city place a greater emphasis on their energy efficiency, saying that residential locations are the second-highest emitter of greenhouse gas emissions locally.

Pelan called Barrie's Climate Change Adaption Strategy is aggressive. She hopes the city is willing to continue to work with the group, arguing that they can assist with messaging.

"While the city will be focussed on their recycling program, what we want to do is send out messages that say well instead what about repurposing, what about repairing, what about just refusing and saying maybe I shouldn't be having this much plastic and disposable things coming into my life," said Pelan.

Pelan said everyone must do that part, saying the number one thing to do is to stay hopeful and not get overwhelmed by problems posed by climate change.