BARRIE -- The first day of spring is the last day of mandatory masks in Ontario.

Monday morning, masks will not be mandated except for public transit, hospitals, long-term care and retirement homes, shelters and jails.

"Absolutely, no more masks. I can see it for the long-term care homes, not a problem, but yeah, I'll be happy not to wear a mask anymore," said Jerry Robertson, a Barrie resident.

"I live right here, and even in the elevator taking my garbage out, I'm masked. I leave mine on I don't ever take it off," said Jeff Davenport, another Barrie resident.

Some businesses said they would still follow some of the COVID-19 protocols.

"We believe strongly that all indoor spaces masking will be required, in the lift lines, as well; as well as at our proof of vaccination in order to access our facility," said Sarah Huter, Mount St. Louis Moonstone assistant general manager.

"Right now, we're telling all of our customers the protocols that were in place this season would remain in place next season."

The Dunlop Street Diner was packed all morning Sunday. It plans to let people make their choice.

"Guests are welcome in with or without a mask whatever makes them most comfortable, same with employees," said Laura-Lea Vogel, The Dunlop Street Diner general manager.

"If they are more comfortable wearing a mask, they're welcome to do that."

The Ontario government has left it up to individual businesses to decide if they will make customers wear masks.