BARRIE, ONT. -- Swirleez Frozen Yogurt in Barrie brings smiles to seniors by delivering sweet treats to seniors' homes.

Shop owner, Teresa Woolard, said she's been thinking of the idea for a long time, but COVID helped her kickstart the process.

"Earlier this spring, when the retirement homes and long-term care facilities were hit hard by the pandemic, I felt that they could use and deserve a smile," she said.

Since starting, she has delivered unique frozen treats to seniors, hoping to brighten their day during this difficult time.

"Especially this year," she said. "The seniors... they haven't been able to be visited by their families as often as they would like or as often as their families would like.. so hopefully this brings them a smile," Woolard said.

The unique treats are made entirely by Woolard herself, with a lot of detail and love put into each one.

"As I'm finishing the eyes and pupils, they kind of come to life, they're like my little kids," laughs Woolard. "And they have a little bit of personality."

Swirleez aims to reach as many seniors as possible. Woolard said she is open to expanding her idea past the pandemic.