Most of us look for ways to brighten up the boring walls of our homes: we hang drawings by our kids, vacation photographs, maybe even a favourite poster.

But now thanks to the MacLaren Art Centre in Barrie, there's a way to get local art without breaking the bank.

The Off the Hook silent auction is called a good deal because the bidding starts at 50 per cent of what the artist values the piece at.

“It's good deal in that you get to see all different types of artists under the same roof at the same time,” says Sheilagh Delaney at the MacLaren.

There are more than 160 art pieces to bid on Friday night – everything from acrylic, pencil, and rubber and even creations made of bee’s wax called encaustic.

“It's actually a very ancient method. It goes back to the ancient Greeks, but in the ’60s it was very prolific,” says artist Beth Evans.

Some call this art auction a snapshot of the community, with both professional and amateur works up for bid including pieces from Georgian College students.

Siobhan Byrne is a professional photographer who graduated from Georgian last year and says it's a privilege to be back at this year’s show, offering people her perspective.

“Some people just don't stop to take the time to look at things,” she says. “They pass every single day. I kind of try to bring that out in my work.”

Last year’s auction raised $65,000 for the MacLarens education and exhibition programs, which are a valuable part of the community says Mary Lynne Atkinson.

“It acts as a cultural centre,” she says, “as an oasis in a sometimes not so cultural world. So there's lots of stimulation and friendship.”

You don't have to wait until Friday to see the pieces. You can drop by the MacLaren Art Centre and pick up your ticket for the show. It's only $50 and you can decide which pieces you would like to take home.