BARRIE, ONT. -- A unique fundraiser is taking place in downtown Barrie this weekend, helping a not-for-profit that provides addiction and mental health support continue operating.

The 705 Recovery Community Centre is holding what it is calling a '24 hour Window Raise-A-Thon'. Four people are spending all day Saturday, individually placed in the four windows of the centre.

"We're raising money for the 705 to stay open and raising awareness for mental health and addiction," said Todd Palmer, who himself is a recovered addict. "So when we're in this 24-hour window challenge, we're able to prank our fellows and to be pranked back. So somebody donated some money so I could wear this wonderful walrus costume on the news."

The centre offers various self-help services, trauma counselling and grief counselling, providing a safe space for those battling addictions and alcoholism to seek support.

Participants of Saturday's event would do silly acts in exchange for a donation, with someone donating money to put one of the participants in a silly costume. Bathroom breaks were slotted into the schedule, but any additional ones would only be provided along with a donation.

For more information on the centre and event, you can click here.