Residents in Bala remain on edge tonight as a flood watch continues in the community.

It's like deja-vu for some people who live along the Moon River in Bala. And that means it's back to the sand bags. Water levels along the river are back up and there are fears the levels could continue to rise. Tonight, many docks and fences are underwater.

Cathy Malcolmson came rushing up to her cottage from Thornhill to check in on things today.

“I would say they are probably three feet higher,” she says of the water levels. “There was lots of news and emails I was getting over the course of the week. I had to make sure I had to get all the stuff up.”

The Ministry of Natural resources is once again reminding people in the area to be aware of the flooding. People are being asked to stay away.

Alice Murphy is the mayor of Muskoka Lakes. She says this past week’s rain is a big part of the higher levels but feels the MNR needs to take a different approach to the way it draws water through the system.

“What’s happened is that spring is fresh in our minds,” Murphy says. “We’ve got too much water coming in compared to the amount coming out.”

But not everyone agrees with the mayor. Brian McDonald says it's just part of living life along the river.

“I’m wondering what else is to follow down the way, but I’m also confident it’s being well managed,” he says. “They are higher than previous years than I remember. They are surprisingly higher.”

The sand bags are being offered for free at the public works yard on Muskoka Road for anyone who needs them. And with more rain in the forecast next week there's a good chance more people will have to back filling the bags.