An orphaned baby beaver is resting up after a long trip from Manitoba to an animal sanctuary in Muskoka.

Prez, a two-month-old beaver, travelled more than 2,000 kilometers on Wednesday to his new temporary home at the Aspen Valley Wildlife Sanctuary.

“He came from Winnipeg. He was found by some people on a trail out there in May with his umbilical cord still attached so he was very young,” said Howard Smith with Aspen Valley.

The couple turned Prez over to the Prairie Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre near Winnipeg but it didn’t have other young beavers for him to interact with but Aspen Valley did.

“So they contacted us and we have seven others and it’s important at this stage that they socialize with others their own age,” added Smith.

Prez will remain inside until next spring when he will be introduced to an on-site pond. Then in two years he will be flown back to Manitoba to be released in the area where he was found.

But Prez will always have a little Ontario with him because of his name. He is named after President Air Charter – the Ontario based company that flew him free of charge to Ontario.

If you would like to help or find out more information about Prez and all the other animlas at the Aspen Valley Wildlife Sanctuary click here.