A man from Innisfil fought the frigid waters of Lake Simcoe on Monday morning, as he tried to get his ATV out.

He was heading out to fish when the machine broke through the ice about 30 meters from shore. He was able to scramble out before coming back to get the ATV.

“I was just coming out and crushing along the shoreline and went out a little bit and there was one soft spot… straight down,” the man says.

People spent hours trying to help, using chainsaws, wooden boards, even other ATVs. The whole thing caused quite a scene on the shoreline. Many people came down to see it for themselves.

“I was looking at this ATV just roaring along and then boom plunged right into the water,” says Arnaldo Maciel.

The section of lake where the ATV broke through was wide open with water less than one week ago.

“At this time it is not safe to be out here and this is a good example of what could happen,” says Sgt. Dave Phillips.

After a few hours the man and his friend were able to get the ATV out. Police say no charges will be laid.