It’s the final year for a summer time staple in Wasaga beach.

Normally on a hot day you’d find John Gvazdaitis lying on the beach, but ton Saturday he decided to show off his rideat the 25th anniversary Beach Cruise Competition.

“We love it, having both cars. You know, having an old car, it’s really a fun thing to have,” says Gvazdaitis.

This is Gvazdaitis’s first year entering in the car show, so he’s focusing on meeting other Corvette lovers.

“It’s a big social thing to.” Gvazdaitis says, “Yeah, there are some bragging rights. And, you get to clean your car a lot but there are a lot of good social activities.”

However, John Bull is at the competition to win. “The amount of work you put on the car, it’s like a nice big pat on the back.”

Participants are competing to be the Triple Crown Winner.

This is the final year of the beach cruise competition.