BARRIE, ONT. -- Anglers had to be rescued on Lake Simcoe after becoming stranded on a chunk of ice that drifted into open water Friday afternoon.

Two men were fishing when conditions rapidly changed, and the ice around them broke away.

CTV News learned they were about 20 feet from shore when heavy winds forced the nine-inch thick ice shift they were standing on into open water.

Innisfil Deputy Fire Chief Tim McCallum said the strong westerly winds pushed the ice shift more than five miles away into the bay.

"We weren't able to reach them from shore, so we ended up launching our rescue airboat. It travelled from Innisfil Beach Park all way up to Big Bay Point and was able to rescue the fishers off the ice."

Airboat on Lake Simcoe

Rescue teams launched the airboat to get to the two men, and while out there, they found a third angler stranded.

Crews brought all three back to shore in good condition.

With the milder temperatures, officials are concerned there could be more rescue calls over the weekend if people head onto the ice.

"With this warming temperature, these high winds, the ice is breaking up, north of Big Bay Pont it is completely fractured, completely unstable," McCallum said.