The trial of the man accused of killing 33-year-old Alexandra Flanagan in 2007 continued in Barrie on Thursday.

The Crown told the jury in its opening remarks that Andrew Keene confessed to undercover officers he killed Flanagan and dismembered her body.

Those conversations were recorded in a lengthy ‘Mr. Big’ investigation where the officers befriended Keene and made him part of an illicit business. The officers posing as criminals pressured Keene to confess, assuring him someone else would take the fall.

“The Crown will present evidence, much of it coming from Andrew Keene’s own mouth demonstrating Andrew Keene is responsible for the murder and dismemberment of Alexandra Flanagan,” said crown attorney Sarah Tarczain court.

Flanagan went missing in July of 2007 and over the course of four years her remains were discovered in three different locations in Barrie.

The jury also heard how Flanagan’s blood was found on the underside of a hockey bag at Keene’s house shortly after some of her remains were first discovered but at the time there wasn’t enough evidence to charge him.

The recordings of Keene’s alleged confession are key pieces of evidence for the Crown’s case but the defence urged the jury to carefully listen to the context of those conversations to determine whether Keene is telling the truth or spinning a story.

“Do not jump to conclusions until you’ve heard all the evidence,” said defence lawyer Mitch Eisen.

Flanagan’s younger sister Michelle O’Hara was the first to take the stand, she testified that when Flanagan couldn’t be reached around the time of her disappearance she became worried and went to her apartment with her mother.

“There was spoiled food in the kitchen sink and there was a foul smell,” said O’Hara in court. “We knew she hadn’t been there in a while.”

Flanagan’s friend Scott Davidson was the last person to see her alive when they parted ways at Sunnidale Park on July 8th, 2007. He told the jury he tried several times to call her but was never able to reach her.

Keene is charged with second-degree murder and committing an indignity to a body in the death of Alexandra Flanagan

The trial will continue on Friday with testimony from Keene’s ex-girlfriend.