OPP say poor road conditions have forced them to close all county roads on Thursday afternoon.

Police say reduced visibility (less than 400 metres) is being caused by heavy snow with or without blowing snow for three hours or more. As a result many crashes have been reported and there are a few road closures.

Airport Road is closed from Highway 89 to Mansfield due to a four vehicle crash Thursday afternoon. Police say one person suffered minor injuries. The closure could last for a few hours.

Clearview Fire says they are responding to a crash between two tractor trailers, a snow plow and three cars on County Rd. 42 - no injuries reported. Dave Squires managed to pull onto the shoulder and avoid getting hit

“I am very lucky, I am very lucky there was room for me to move over otherwise I could be underneath one of these transports right now.”

Road conditions went from bad to worse in Dufferin County where blowing reduced visibility to nil. Barry Arsenault was trying to get to Collingwood but ran into closed roads in every direction

“They're closed they're closed and I don't know how we are going to get around.”

Police are urging drivers to avoid traveling unless it’s absolutely necessary because conditions are treacherous and emergency have no resources to spare as they deal with a collisions already on the go.

Seve tractor trailers were involved in a crash on county road 124 and a Good Samaritan was seriously injured in a separate incident trying to help another stranded driver.

The OPP is reminding drivers not to drive on closed roads after Cruiser was hit near the village of Marsville while attending crash. The officer was not injured.

School buses to French, Catholic and Public schools had to be cancelled because of the weather and road conditions leaving parents to find alternative travel arrangements for students.  Fire chief Jim Clayton says that makes a bad situation on the roads even worse.

“That's a big problem because now parents are obligated to go and pick up their children and that putts a lot more people on the roads that should not be there and with the road closures we need the vehicles not to go around the barriers, we need them off the road.”

Road conditions are not expected to improve until the wind dies down some time overnight.