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Algonquin Park's fall colours captivate tourists worldwide

The kaleidoscope of colours at Algonquin Park draws people from all over the world, as many flock to see this year's breathtaking autumn foliage.

Christoph Killir is visiting the area from Germany to take in the vibrant reds that adorn the park's landscape.

"So red! You do not see this in Germany. So, it's very beautiful," he exclaimed.

Anthony Jose came from Alberta to snap some pictures. "We are here to see the colours of Algonquin, especially the maples. We don't have much in Alberta."

The staff at Algonquin Park report the current fall colours are at their peak, with 100 per cent of the leaves having changed and only around 10 per cent on the ground.

Algonquin sees a lot of activity during the first week of October, leading up to the busiest weekend at the park, where the dominant colour is currently orange, but there is an abundance of reds and yellows as well.

The colourful attraction makes for a busy weekend for many small businesses that depend on visitors at the park.

Algonquin Park's Sloan Ladouceur said staff say this is the nicest it's been for such an extended period of time.

"Especially because the leaves are changing, there's been no wind and no rain, so the leaves are just lasting a very long time, and it's awesome," Ladouceur said.

Anyone planning to head to Algonquin Park needs to purchase a permit. Day permits are good from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. on the date of issue.

Additionally, police urge motorists not to pull onto the side of the highway to snap a picture of the fall colours but rather to park in a parking spot and walk into the park. Top Stories

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