BARRIE, ONT. -- CAUTION: Readers may find some details in this story to be distressing.

The mother of Dyrrin Daley took the stand at his murder trial, admitting she mopped up drops of blood from the floor before leaving for work the morning the bodies of a Barrie father and son were found in their apartment.

James, 51, and Nick Pasowisty, 19, were found with multiple stab wounds inside their Allandale second-floor duplex in the early morning hours on Feb. 8, 2017.

Vicky Daley told the court she dated James Pasowisty for about six months. She described him as an alcoholic and racist who lived on welfare and made his money selling marijuana.

Despite the brief relationship, Vicky said she and the older Pasowisty remained friends until his death.

She testified that her current partner and her son bought marijuana from Pasowisty for about ten dollars on many occasions.

Dyrrin Daley's mother recalled how her son banged on the door of their Marcus Street home around three in the morning on Feb. 8, 2017. She said he told her he had been in a fight before he went into the washroom.

The court heard Vicky went back to sleep after retrieving a car key Dyrrin dropped on the ground.

She testified that at the time, she believed her son had gone out for a drink at Georgian Downs or a strip club and gotten into a bar fight.

Vicky told the court after mopping the floor from the front door to the kitchen, she took the garbage from her home to her workplace.

When she returned home from work, she said police had arrested Dyrrin.

Dr. Andrew Williams also took the stand this week, testifying the Pasowisty's had been stabbed dozens of times and likely died within seconds or minutes from a combination of their injuries rather than a single blow.

Daley is charged with first-degree murder in the death of 19-year-old Nick Pasowisty and second-degree murder in the death of 51-year-old James Pasowisty.

Daley's lawyer is arguing his client killed both men in self-defence.

The trial will continue with more forensic testimony.