BARRIE, ONT. -- With pandemic demand for waterfront parking being a hot commodity for another year, municipalities continue to lay hundreds of expensive fines aimed at reducing gatherings.

In Orillia, bylaw officers slapped 518 parking tickets for parking violations over the weekends of June 5-6 and June 12-13.

The COVID-19 Waterfront Parking program began on June 4 and runs until Sept. 12.

Under the new program, visitors without a parking pass need to pay $50 to park at the waterfront and an additional $50 to launch a boat.

In Barrie, bylaw officers laid 253 parking tickets between June 11 and 15 at the waterfront.

A spokesperson for the city says they are focusing on educating the public on the ongoing changes to the reopening steps and the municipal regulations.

Non-residents are charged $10 a day to a maximum of $50.

As of Tuesday, Barrie is prohibiting parking in 'spillover areas' near the waterfront without a Barrie Resident Parking Pass.

Bylaw officers in Innisfil laid 133 parking tickets on the weekend of June 5-6 and another 70 tickets over the weekend of June 12-13.

Parking at Innisfil Beach Park is restricted to residents only. A parking gate at the entrance of the park will be monitored seven days a week as of June 27 and ending September 6. Resident parking passes from 2020 remain valid through 2022.

In Barrie non residents are residents can find out more about parking passes here.

Residents in Orillia can request a parking permit here.