Canada’s largest manufacturing facility for infrastructure projects in Essa Township is growing once again with a massive 12-million-dollar expansion plan.

DECAST is adding  20-thousand square feet to the existing 500-thousand square foot facility. 

“The latest expansion is to take us into expanding some product lines for some of the larger structures we make, so big box culverts.  Big engineering pieces for big engineering work,” says Vice President of Operations, Mario Recchia.

The expansion also means nearly 70 new jobs will be created, and this information caught the attention of the mayor-elect.

“Not just jobs, but good paying jobs,” says Sandie MacDonald.  “That helps us, and it helps our taxes.  Any base that is industrial obviously is a higher tax base.  That balances out our taxes.”

The expansion is expected to be approved by council this week.  The company hopes to have shovels in the ground by the end of November with construction being completed by summer 2019.